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Former NBA Player Baron Davis Abducted by Aliens!

One year after a blown out knee put his career on hold, former Knick Baron Davis is back in the headlines for a different reason.

In an interview for a comedy podcast, Davis insisted that he had been abducted by aliens while on his way from Las Vegas to his Los Angeles, his hometown.

"I'm a little tired and sh!t, and I see this light, and I think it's a big@$$ truck."

The big@$$ truck, however, turned out to be an alien vessel that Davis described as "steel". The aliens examined Davis, and the next thing he knew he was back in his car. He proceeded to stop at In-N-Out burger, just as anybody who had just been abducted by aliens would have.

The alien abduction was poorly timed as Davis is probably close to completing the rehab process for his reconstructed knee ligaments. Perhaps if he had been abducted sometime last offseason the aliens could have healed his knee and saved him months of grueling rehab.