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Von Miller did NOT fail drug tests

A few days ago, Von Miller was handed a four-game suspension by the NFL for violating the league's drug policy. Miller, the 2011 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, knew from the minute the news broke that he had reason to appeal the suspension and today that reason became very clear. Today, a source revealed that Miller's suspension was not due to a failed drug test.

Miller had been clean since the 2011 season, when he tested positive for marijuana in his rookie year. Following this rule violation, Miller was placed in the league's substance abuse program. However, Miller did not test positive for any PEDs or recreational drugs this year. So then why was Miller handed this suspension?

If you read the fine print, the NFL drug policy doesn't only hand out suspensions for positive tests, but also for breaking certain rules. Players placed in the substance abuse program have to follow other rules, because of their past infractions. Like probation, these players have to take tests at certain times, attend counseling sessions and have to behave in a certain manner. There is no word on whether Miller overslept, had a temper tantrum or cut class, but despite remaining clean the NFL has stood firm on suspending Miller.

While Miller has put in for appeal, his teammates are confident that the suspension won't hold. Denver Bronco's defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson said that Miller may be "silly," but he is now a leader on the team and has accepted that role. "The guy I was, two, three, four years ago is not the guy I am," said Miller. When asked if he regularly used or supported marijuana usage, Miller responded with a firm "absolutely not."

Clearly, Miller has grown from his rookie self. He has grown into one of the best defensive players in the NFL and realizes the position that he's in. Last season, Miller finished second in voting for the NFL Defensive MVP Award, and has accumulated 30 sacks in only two seasons in the NFL. This is why Miller doesn't feel like he let down his teammates.

It may seem silly to suspend a player when he isn't using, but the NFL is trying to make an example out of Miller. Whether the suspension will stand remains to be seen, but according to Kevin Vickerson "There will be due justice. We have to watch and see how it plays out. Right now, he's not suspended, and he'll be with us the first game."

Do you think Miller should be suspended? Should players who already received their penalty have to abide by a different set of rules? Share your thoughts. Comment below!

By Andrew Goodman – Goodman Sports