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The New York Bankee$

By Andrew Goodman

The New York Yankees are known as America's most successful sports franchise. They have (by far) the most World Series Championships with 27 and can even be called the only dynasty in all of baseball. Some may say that the team is unparalleled by any other team in sports. While others may disagree there's one thing that everyone knows is great – their salaries. However, players on the Yankees having high salaries are nothing new. The Steinbrenner family has never been shy when it comes to showing how deep their pockets go. The team's $203 million salary is surprisingly second in the majors this year, behind only the Los Angeles Dodgers. The difference this year is the amount of money the Yankees are spending on players who have rarely – if at all – been seen on the field.

Going into the 2013 season, the Yankees already knew that they were going to be down some of their stars. Both Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter started the season on the disabled list and have still yet to take the field. Rodriguez is currently the highest paid player in the majors, earning $29 million this year. The captain is also making a nice eighth-digit salary of just under $17 million. That's already $46 million of the team's payroll that hasn't even taken the field for a single pitch. The sad part is, that's just the beginning.

The Yankees' slugging first baseman Mark Teixeira has also been nagged with injuries this season. Tex has also played 15 games this year and was just sent back to New York today for cortisone shot after injuring his wrist. Teixeira is making just over $23 million this year, and has not even played in a quarter of the team's games, essentially equating to another waste for the Bombers.

On the other side of the diamond is another hole in the team's seemingly bottomless wallet. Kevin Youkilis was signed by the team prior to the start of the season to fill the role left open by A-Rod's injury. However, Youkilis is currently on the DL for the second time this year, so that $12 million the Yankees are paying him this year hasn't exactly panned out the way they needed either.

With essentially the entire starting infield on the DL, things can't get much worse, right? Well, let's look to the outfield. All-Star outfielder Curtis Granderson has certainly done well since coming to New York in 2011. With a total of 84 home runs in only two seasons in the Big Apple, Granderson has definitely added some power to an already strong lineup. However, Granderson has also been plagued with injuries this year and is on the DL for the second time. Granderson, who didn't play until the middle of May only to reinjure himself 10 days later, has played only eight games this year, yet is guaranteed $15 million.

So let's add up what we have so far. We have Rodriguez making $29 million, Jeter making approximately $17 million, Teixeira making $23 million, Youkilis making $12 million and Granderson making $15 million. That's a total of $96 MILLION!

Now let's add up the number of games played by these five players. Neither Jeter nor A-Rod have taken the field this year, Granderson played in 8 games, Teixeira 15 and Youkilis 28 (WOW). That's a total of 51 games.

While the Yankees are still in decent shape and definitely in playoff contention, the previous two numbers tell a sad story. The Yankees are paying five player salaries that add up to $96 million, yet those same five players have played a total of only 51 games. That means that for each time ONE of these player's took the field this season, the Yankees spent almost $1.9 million.

These numbers will change as players return from injury and for Mr. Steinbrenner's sake I hope he gets his money's worth. However, right now, he is paying a $203 million team salary for talent worth about half of that.

While these five players are earning the bulk of the team's salary, the lineup that took the field today doesn't even make half of that. The Yankees eight position players who took the field today earn a total of about $53 million. However, about $18 million of that is being paid to Vernon Wells by the Toronto Blue Jays, who agreed to pay most of the former all-star's salary before trading him to the Yanks. Take that into account and the Yankees paid those on the field today around $35 million.

Do you think it's fair for players to earn such ridiculous salaries while hurt? Or should the player's that are actually on the field be the ones making money? Should players only get paid if they play? Share your thoughts on the Yankees financial situation. Comment below.