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Super Tuesday Preview

By Andrew Goodman

No, you don't have to check your calendar. There is no presidential election this year and it is not February. Instead, there is a much more important Super Tuesday happening tomorrow. The New York Mets face the Atlanta Braves in a double header tomorrow at Turner Field in Atlanta. Normally, this would be a day just like any other for Mets fans, but tomorrow is different. Tomorrow Mets fans will see two shining glimmers of hope for their organization take the mound – Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler.

Harvey has already proven himself this year. His win-loss record does not do him justice. Harvey is currently 5-1. However, in his last 10 starts he is only 1-1 with eight no decisions! The one loss came against the St. Louis Cardinals, who are arguably the best team in the majors. However, even in his one loss Harvey was still phenomenal, allowing only one earned run in seven innings, but with the Mets sub-par offense that was enough. Harvey's 2.04 ERA ranks third in the majors and second in the National League. Harvey has also struck out 102 batters, sixth most in the majors and third in the National League. His WHIP ratio ([walks+hits]/innings pitched) is best in the National League at 0.91, and hitters are only batting .197 against the young right-hander, also ranking third in the NL. Harvey would perhaps be in the hunt for the Triple Crown if he were on a team that knew how to swing the bat. Regardless of his win-loss record, the rest of the numbers don't lie and we will definitely be seeing Harvey at Citi Field for the All-Star Game on July 16th. Harvey has become a hitter's nightmare and is just as much of a threat as any other pitcher in the majors.

Wheeler has not thrown a single pitch in the majors. However, most Mets fans who have been looking for something to look forward to have placed all of their eggs in Wheeler's basket. He has been the glimmer of hope that many fans are hoping will emerge and save the Mets from having a 100-loss season. In Las Vegas pitching for the Mets AAA team, Wheeler is 4-2 with a 3.93 ERA. He has struck out 73 batters in only 68.2 innings and hitters are batting only .236 against the 23-year-old. With the Mets season on the verge of a total collapse, this start will prove vital in making a good first impression on New York. If Wheeler wins, we will all praise him and hope he turns out to be another Matt Harvey. If he loses, relentless Mets fans like me will continue to sink deeper in their sorrows.

Some people that read this are going to ask one question – Who cares? The Mets right now are 25-39 and 13.5 games back in both their division and the Wild Card race. It would take a miracle for the team to make the playoffs, and with the lowest batting average in the National League, those dreams are more or less unrealistic. However, true Mets fan like myself are used to this type of disappointment, yet we stick with our team. We true fans have to find the ray of sunshine that beams through the cloud always hanging over our heads. This season may be lost, but as we are very used to saying, there is always next year.