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The Ballad of Alex Rodriguez

The following is a report from Goodman Sports associate Robert Wranovics, edited by the Goodman Sports team.

At this point, we have an idea as to what happened between injured Yankees' third baseman Alex Rodriguez and GM Brian Cashman. A-Rod recently tweeted that he has been cleared to play from his doctor. This prompted a "Shut the F--- Up" response from General Manager Brian Cashman. A-Rod is cleared to play, but do the Yankees and their fans even want him to play? Remember, this is the same guy who is giving autographed baseballs to chicks in the crowds during the heat of a playoff game. Will the Yankees really benefit from his return? The icing on this cake is that A-Rod may have a suspension coming down from Commissioner Bud Selig, is due to potential performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) use that is strictly banned by Major League Baseball.

From A-Rod's point of view, Cashman did over react (slightly), because players tweet things all the time. His reaction, followed by his apology, was fitting but still a bit over the top, because it was simply a tweet. However, players have gotten in trouble in the past for tweeting what they shouldn't – just ask Chicago Cubs' Ian Stewart. No matter what was said, the Yankees will most likely avoid bringing A-Rod back this season.

Why not bring him back? At this point, he is more of a distraction than anything else, has PED allegations about to come to the surface and also has a $29 million contract. The Yankees can get off the hook for his contract by not allowing him to play. It not only benefits the team, but also allows the Yankees to cash in on insurance for an injury.  No other team in the MLB will take his contract, so a trade is ruled out. Despite all this drama, the Yankees currently sit only 4 games out of first place and are an above .500 club, despite all the injuries. While A-Rod some years ago was already put into Cooperstown, he has now become a negative source of energy for this team, that fans and management alike cannot wait to part ways with.