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Messier and the Rangers Call it Quits

Goodman Sports hockey specialist Robert Wranovics reports:

Former Ranger and Stanley Cup winner Mark Messier is now out of the front office in Madison Square Garden and the Rangers organization.

Messier said"Although some will perceive this as a reaction to the coaching decision, nothing could be further from the truth. I completely respect the decision that was made and for all the reasons it was made. I harbor no hard feelings toward Glen [Sather] or the Rangers. This is a personal choice I am making to create a program in the New York area that will give our children more choices and opportunities in the future. I wish the Rangers nothing but the best in the future."

To be honest, I believe Messier was a bit hurt by the hiring of Alain Vigneault. Why not give Messier a chance? The Colorado Avalanche just brought in Patrick Roy to be the Head Coach and he has the same, if not less, experience than Mark Messier. Why I say he felt snubbed was because why even bother interviewing him for the job? While he will never publicly admit his decision to move on was because of the coaching decision, it probably had a hand in the matter. Messier is a very respectable guy, and is not known to trash talk or take classless roads, so the way he exited wasn't a surprise and is admirable. Reading between the lines, it becomes clear as day as to why this happened. However, perhaps he is abandoning a sinking ship, maybe seeing something that we don't see right now. Either way, I feel this does put more pressure on Vigneault because if he is unable to right the ship, the next question will become "What if it were Messier?" Aside from Messier's departure, it will be a challenge for Vigneault to last his contract here in New York. While it is easy to see in hindsight, I for one am willing to take the risk on Messier with the talented team that the Rangers currently have, as he is a proven winner and well respected. At the very least, why not offer Messier an assistant position on the team? The Rangers still have some upcoming questions as well. We will keep you posted on the developing Brad Richards potential buy-out situation.